Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Providing Paramedic & Ambulance Services to Cherokee County

Cherokee County EMS operates an advanced service at the Paramedic level. Our service operates 5 paramedic units 24/7 from four EMS stations. Station 1 is located at 37 S Church Street in Murphy. Station 2 islocated at 228 Main Street in Andrews. Station 3 is located 7845 Highway 294, Murphy. Station 4 is located at 2411 Airport Road, Marble. We have one EMS Captain on a quick response unit daily.

Cherokee County EMS works under Medical Control at Erlanger Western Carolina Medical Facility, Emergency Department. Dr Ron Buchheit, MD FACEP is the Medical Director.

Mission Statement

To develop and continually improve a medical care system, while assuring high quality patient care and appropriate response in emergency situations to the Citizens and Visitors of Cherokee County.

Continuing Education

Online through Tri-County Community College with quarterly hands-on. 


Billing for Cherokee County Emergency Medical Services is handled by Fire Recovery EMS. If you have any billing questions contact Tony at 1-800-244-2345, ext. 228.