Tax Foreclosures

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Scheduled Tax Sales

The properties listed below are scheduled for sale at the next Cherokee County Tax Foreclosure Auction, due to unpaid property taxes. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department conducts each Tax Foreclosure Sale. The sale will take place on the steps of the Cherokee County Courthouse located at 75 Peachtree St, Murphy, NC 28906.

The Cherokee County Tax Office uses the In Rem method of foreclosure, in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 105-375. Foreclosures are held throughout the year. The Notices of Sale are advertised for two weeks prior to the sale in the Cherokee Scout.

All real property sales will be handled by The Kania Law Firm.  For information on current and future sales follow the link below or at (828) 252-8010.

Kania Law Firm


Schedule of Property Sales are as follows: APRIL 23, 2024 at 11:00 a.m.

Properties up for bid are as follows:

Owner                                         PIN #                                           OPENING BID AMOUNT

Stockinger, Iris                            4524-00-34-3212-000 

Stockinger, Iris                            4524-00-34-5172-000                  $4,700

Robertson, Arthur                       4540-00-26-5244-000                  $6,600

Taylor, Wilma                              5575-00-89-8737-000                  $6,100

Bradshaw, Anthony                     5524-00-536953-000

Bradshaw, Anthony                    5524-00-54-3174-000                   $9,600

Hyde, David                               5587-00-80-7089-000

Hyde, David                               5587-00-80-9430-000

Hyde, David                              5587-00-80-7557-000                    $11,900

Trammel, Elizabeth                   5576-00-43-7236-000                    $16,100


Schedule of Property Sales are as follows: May 23, 2024 at 11:00 a.m.

Properties up for bid are as follows:

Owner                                         PIN #                                           OPENING BID AMOUNT

Fillio, Ken                                     5565-02-59-8664-000

Shoemaker, Ella                           5566-17-22-4137-000

S & M Properties                          4566-00-68-8614-000

S & M Properties                          5586-00-02-9894-000

Hale, Jay                                      4525-00-13-5479-000

Isitt,John                                       5586-00-02-3485-000

Isitt, John                                      5586-00-02-3486-000

Wakeford, Trustee                        4534-00-41-9389-000

Buyer Beware

Note: This is a buyer beware sale--all sales are final. We offer the properties on an ’as is’ and ’where is’ basis. Cherokee County makes no representation of warranty, express or implied. It is the buyer’s responsibility to investigate the property prior to bidding. Anyone considering buying property at a tax foreclosure sale should be aware that there is a risk. The County does not guarantee or provide any warranty.

It is your responsibility to research and obtain information regarding the property, prior to the sale!! It is important to note that the deed description of the property or properties contained in this ad may or may not be the exact description of what is actually being sold. The property to be sold is that property contained in the deed description save and except any conveyances of record. In other words, the deed description may include portions of land that have been sold off by the current owner, portions that are not subject to the sale.

Failure to Pay

If a bidder fails to follow through with their winning bid, the bidder will forfeit the deposit and the property will be resold. If the next bid is less than the original winning bid, a default judgment will be entered against the defaulting bidder for the loss.

Additional Taxes

Properties sold may be subject to IRS Tax Liens, City/County Taxes for any years not covered under our judgment, and other restrictions of record.

Upset Bids

There is a ten (10) day upset bid period in which the high bid may be upset by filing an Upset Bid with the Cherokee County Clerk of Court. This Upset Bid must be filed with the Cherokee County Clerk of Court by 5 P.M. on the tenth day after the filing of the Report of Sale.

After the ten-day upset bid period expires successfully with no upset bid made the Order of Confirmation is filed and the Cherokee County Sheriff will execute a Non-Warranty Sheriff’s Deed. The total amount of the upset bid in full is due upon delivery of the Sheriff’s Deed.

Purchaser will receive a non-warranted sheriff’s deed upon completion of the sale.

For questions regarding tax foreclosures in Cherokee County please contact: 

Collections (email)

Or you can call us at 828-837-2421, Ext. 2124