Program Restrictions & Eligibility Loss


The following restrictions apply to this program:

  1. No more than 100 acres of an owner’s land may be classified under this section.
  2. Land owned by a business entity is not eligible for this program if the business entity is a corporation whose shares are publicly traded or one of its members is a corporation whose shares are publicly traded.

Property that is classified as Wildlife Conservation, must be appraised and assessed as if it were classified under N.C.G.C. 105-277.3 as agricultural land. However, the Wildlife Conservation Program is not a part of the Present-Use Value Program.

Eligibility Loss

If property loses its eligibility for any reason, deferred taxes become due for the current year plus three previous years, plus interest for all prior years. If only a part of the qualifying tract loses its eligibility, a determination shall be made of the amount of deferred taxes applicable to that part, and that amount shall become payable with interest.