Demand for Inspections

Demand for inspections can only be measured by public need. Approval and/or denial of permit applications is immediate in most cases. As inspection requests are phoned in, regular inspections for permitted work must be accomplished within a reasonable time frame. All inspections should be completed within 24 to 48 hours from the time the inspection request has been received.

As always, an importance factor must be assigned to each inspection request. Building foundation inspections are given top priority, as well as emergency electrical outages. A diligent effort will be made to accommodate these inspections and act on them with urgency. Other requests for inspection will usually be acted upon in a reasonable time frame. It is important to note that demands for the service we must provide is regulated in part by an ever-changing building code and a $25 million county construction industry.

We realize we play a small but important part within this industry. We also realize that to provide our service, this office must make every effort to show flexibility in carrying-out our duties in a timely and orderly manner. This flexibility is also demanded of the permit holder, as we are but one office with a jurisdiction covering the entire county. To better understand the inspections process, please view the General Inspection List (PDF).

Inspection Record Poster

The permit holder or his agent shall post the inspection record poster on the job site in an accessible and conspicuous location to allow the Building Code Official to make the required entries. The inspection record poster shall be maintained by the permit holder until the final inspection has been documented and approved.